Sailor 76D AM (A3E) MF Transmitter


1967 76D Marine AM MF transmitter

Shown in as received condition, both the frequency selector and the simplex duplex switch are seized and the unit shows traces of corrosion. The transmit power switch is very vulnerable and had snapped off - possibly in an attempt to free it off.

Mounting bracket for telephone handset can be seen on the left - rubber cups missing

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1967 76D Marine AM MF transmitter

after a bit of tidying up

The rusty bolts have been freed up and replaced as has the power switch toggle.

The rotating kebab spit and the simplex/duplex switch were freed off. Some hooligan had attempted to free off this wafer swiitch by hitting it from behind the front panel with a screwdriver (and a hammer) which hasn't helped it to make a full recovery. If you're reading this, you know who you are :)

Electrical restoration would involve replacing most of the capacitors and old transistors in the inverter and has not been attempted.

The complete inverter block is removable for servicing by releasing the four large shiny screws under the handset.

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Inside view

The frequency selector kebab spit can be seen on the left, the yellow bolts program the taps on the large coil that can be seen in the middle of the picture while a wafer switch (not visible) selects one of the crystals which are mounted under the cover labelled A to Q at the bottom of the picture. The seized bearing turned out to be the one at the very top of the unit, but this was not obvious without dismantling. The transmitter valve can be seen in the bottom centre, and the high power inverter block to the right. At the top right, a large variometer is used to tune the aerial